Who we are

At Krystal-Bal Schools, we work towards the personal development of individuals to meet up with the education emerging technology and modern professional practice.

We offer you a combination of practical, relevant knowledge honed by the transferable skills, team work, communication and leadership that the pupils/students will need in their life career.

For we educate to secure the future. To adhesive all these, we have qualified, credible and reliable teaching and non-teaching staff ready to challenge the minds before them and bring out the best of the children.

These are structures on ground to facilitate better and creative learning. Standard laboratories; Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Home Economics, Art/Creativity, Introductory Technology etc. clubs approved by the Ministry; Jets, Drama and Cultural, Press, Hero’s Club, Boy’s Scout and Sports are very functional in our school. Girl’s Guide and Chess. We encourage field trip/excursions. For we realize at Krystal-Bal that things taught and seen go a long way in the minds and lives of the Children.

Vision Statement

To champion the course for academic excellence and continually produce world class students.

Mission Statement

To produce world class students who are God fearing, morally instructed and thoroughly equipped with values required to succeed in making an impact on mankind and in the acquisition of qualities that endure in the dynamic human society.

Core Values

:: Quality
:: Academic Excellence
:: Discipline
:: Integrity
:: Teamwork
:: Diversity
:: Commitment


Que Sera Sera (What will be will be)