Krystal-Bal Schools is part of a unique community in Mafoluku, Oshodi. Krystal-Bal is a private institution with facilities to assist and enhance learning. Krystal-Bal students learn inside and outside the classroom gaining practical real world experiences.

At Krystal-Bal we believe children learn and absorb knowledge in different ways. Utilizing a variety of mediums and methodologies are essential to embedding learning and development of the children. Krystal-Bal is built on the core values of Good morals, Discipline, Academic excellence, Humility, Integrity and Diligence.

Our admissions policy is strictly guided by our mission statement. All applicants are appraised on set selection criteria, irrespective of religion, tribe or nationality.

In other to maintain our set standard, all applicants must meet our entrance requirements. We currently do not provide support for students eligible for special education programmes, such students could have severe learning disabilities, hearing impairment or visual impairment. For potential applicants with physical disabilities and special medical conditions, the parents should please contact the office of the Principal or Head Teacher.