Krystal-Bal's tuition fee is affordable given the educational structure and environment we operate in. For all students, fees are prepared by the Accounts department upon payment of acceptance fee by new students. Payment is due on the first day of resumption, failure to provide proof of payment may result in non admittance into the school premises.

Other student fees: There’s a non refundable, one-off fee for purchase of application form for prospective students and registration fee for newly admitted students. Some special fees like library fines, club membership fee, class trips and so on will be advised by the Accounts department when required.

The School fees bill is divided into two major parts:
:: Academic Bill
:: Utility Bill

The Academic bill comprises of the details of the pupils tuition fees according to their classes. The Uitility bill comprises of the following: Acceptance fees, Development fees, Uniforms, Caution & Medical fees, P.T.A fees & Identity Card etc.

:: All Pupils are expected to present evidence of payment on or before resumption.
:: Payment(s) should be made to any branch(es) of the designated bank.
:: No cash transaction, all payment must be made through designated bank.
:: Copy/copies of the teller(s) of payment must be submitted to the school bursar.

Transport Services/Routes:
:: Mafoluku, Shogunle and Environs.
:: Oshodi and Environs.
:: Ajao Estate and Environs.
:: GRA, Ikeja and Environs.