Our Curriculum

We run an integrated, international curriculum tailored towards such examinations as National Common Entrance, Screening Test into Model Colleges, WASSCE, NECO and IGCSE 'O' and 'A' levels. The philosophical orientation of our curricular programme is pragmatism. This, coupled with the principle of child-centredness, makes ample room for discovery learning and active students and pupils participation in problem-solving activities. Students and Pupils are involved in the construction of knowledge for optimum transfer value and social relevance. By this arrangement, teachers are regarded as facilitators and guides in the teaching-learning enterprise, rather than exclusive repositories of knowledge.

Our curriculum delivery process promotes hands-on educational/training programme that is well-adapted to the present automated age. Our students are given practical exposure to foundation courses for Entrepreneurship Education. These special programmes are run side-by-side with our regular academic courses. Thus, students have a unique opportunity of earning international certificates in Music, Clothing and Textile, Information Technology, Computer Technology etc.

We subscribe to the Responsive Classroom Approach, a curriculum orientation in which the social curriculum is placed on the same pedestal as the academic. The social curriculum is geared towards healthy character formation and wholesome peer interaction. Our curricular offerings are thus targeted at transforming the recipients not only in mind but also in manners. In this connection, the school organizes, on a regular basis, xcursions to places of interest within and outside the country. Some exploratory visits and exchange programmes between our school and some other international institutions in Africa and Europe have been going on in batches for some time now and we are set to explore greater avenues of making the school a window to the world.

Moreover, in keeping with our passion for all-round educational engagements, the school runs an ICT-driven curriculum which is aimed at empowering our products for achievement in the present automated age. Pursuant to this, the school has subscribed to a initiative which is a variant of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI). Currently, a multi-level school-wide ICT-driven curriculum is fully in operation while software packages which are compliant with our school curriculum are being developed. Moreover, teacher training sessions and necessary procurements of interactive learning units and other ICT paraphernalia are fully on course.