School Anthem

  1. Arise, Arise, Arise,
    Arise fellow patriots,
    Arise fellow Krystal-Ballians,
    Ours is a great school
    Let’s strive for Excellence
    For with Excellency
    We shall be kings and queens
    Arise, Arise, Arise.

    Primary School’s Pledge
    I pledge to Krystal-Bal International
    Nursery and Primary School
    My beloved school
    To be faithful, loyal and honest,
    To be a good ambassador of the school wherever I go,
    So help me God.

  2. Rise ye student of KCK
    All who seek a great future
    Wake! Arise oh mighty college
    Krystal-Bal is out to serve you (2x)
    And lay a sound foundation,
    For truth, knowledge and progress;
    To reign like a bright light;
    Which can never be hidden.

    Our School will serve mankind
    Hardwork and honesty is our watchword,
    Krystal-Bal will manifest its light and usher in progress.

    Secondary School’s Pledge
    I promise to honour
    To be faithful and loyal to Krystal-Bal Comprehensive College
    My Beloved school,
    I pledge myself in all things,
    To uphold and defend the good name of Krystal-Bal Comprehensive College,
    So help me God.